Cuprabaseball / Tournament of Catalunya, sport as a life experience

Great satisfaction for the trip to Barcelona of the under 12 -14 boys accompanied by Elia Bartolucci and some parents

by Cristiana Loccioni

Cupramontana, 19 March 2023A beautiful experience that just lived dai Boys of the Cuprabaseballreturning from Tournament Catalonia disputed at Barcelona dal 9 to 12 March.

Accompanied by Elia Bartolucci, historic player of Cuprabaseball That lived a double emotion as protagonist years ago from the Champions Cup disputed in the same city, with him some parents yes are attached to this away with spirit of aggregation working hard for the success of the event.

the boys ofunder 12 e under 14 they have ate baseball from the morning to evening, in a tournament perfectly organised with high-level fields, fans, commentary e live television and on social.

I little ones big campioni have played against the Netherlands getting out of it winnersdefeated by Czech Republic and from Germany strongest team in the tournament, they should have argued the match for the third and fourth place, Unfortunately, for unauthorized permits from France, of fly over Corsica on the return flightthey have had to anticipate the departure on Saturday thus failing to dispute it.

Drawbacks That however, they did not stop the enthusiasm and it team spirit protagonists of this adventure.

«We had to make the return journey by ship, 24 ore, but the boys had a lot of fun, together with the team of Lions That besides us is composed and elements coming from several Italian locations – tells Elia Bartolucci – it’s this one it’s a beautiful thing Why brings together many boys putting team spirit comes first, it makes you grow a lot also to personal level, not just sporting»

The cuprabaseball company believe a lot about the usefulness of these outputs, creator Fabio Bartoluccifounder and director of the Cupra Baseball – Softball prematurely disappeared, he saw beyond sports desire to be together, definitely experiences that they are used for sports ma above all on a human level per create champions not only in sport but also in life.

Many initiatives during the year will see this association as protagonist which over the years it has made great strides bringing in high the name of Cupramontana.

In June will restart il Campexpected due tournamentswith the resumption of the championship in April.

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