Barefoot: Running without shoes – the solution to many physical ailments

Carsten Stark is an expert in walking and running barefoot and Germany’s only foot cartographer. The Munich native deals intensively with the connection between the feet and the organism and has published several books on the trend topic of walking barefoot and natural foot health.

In an interview, he explains the benefits of walking barefoot. And gives special tips for beginners.

WELT: Mr Stark, in your book “Füße gut, alles gut” you write: “Hardly any part of the body says more than the foot.” Why is that?

Carsten Stark: From the feet we can completely infer the body and the bodily functions. And vice versa. That’s why I say: Anyone who has problems with their cervical spine or grinding their teeth, who is plagued by psychological problems, cardiovascular issues, back problems or knee problems – should take a look at their feet. And ask yourself the question: How often have my feet been included in the previous therapy? In 99 percent of the cases, they are unfortunately not included or not included enough. And that’s where the solution often lies.

WELT: You also write about the “devil’s shoes”. Isn’t that a bit exaggerated?


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