Baker Mayfield: “I will never be Tom Brady. He is the best ever.”

Los Tampa Bay Buccaneers look for the successor of Tom Brady and during training camp they’ll have a QB1 contest between Kyle Trask and Baker Mayfield.

The latter attended the media for the first time since he arrived in Tampa Bay with a one-year agreement in exchange for 8.5 million dollars and he is sure that he can never be similar to Tom Brady because he declared that he is the best ever.

“Look, I’m never going to be Tom Brady. There’s a reason he won so many Super Bowls,” Mayfield said. “He is the greatest player of all time, there is no doubt about it.. I won’t try to be Tom Brady, it will be me.”

His career took an unexpected turn with the arrival of Deshaun Watson in Cleveland and after four years he had to leave the Browns before the start of last season. His last course included stops in Carolina and Los Angeles, but the quarterback never thought his NFL career would be this way.

“It is not how I imagined my career. If he had told you as he had planned, I would never have said that I would wear three different uniforms in 2022but that’s what happened,” Mayfield said.


Why did Baker Mayfield come to Tampa Bay?

Mayfield, a former Heisman Trophy winner, was one of the best quarterbacks available in free agency and revealed the reason why he chose the Buccaneers to continue his career.

“An organization like this that has been successful recently, it was important to me to be in a stable place that knew how to win,” Mayfield said. “I wanted to go to a place where we could win right now and this is the right place.”.

In his lifetime, the Oklahoma graduate has played in 72 regular-season games and accumulates 16,288 yards with 102 touchdowns and 64 interceptions.


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