Who is Michael Jordan really?

This week, an exceptional episode of the podcast since we are talking about the release of Mook #11, soberly titled JORDAN, in tribute to Deandre Jor…, uh, Michael Jordan. In addition to revealing some subjects present in this new opus, Theophile Hausmesser, Antoine Pimmel et Shaï Mamou are joined by another collaborator from the Reverse/BasketSession team, Pierre-Armand Samama, to evoke their memories of Michael Jordan, sometimes even their meeting with him.

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The table of contents

00:00 – Intro
01:40 – Presentation of the Mook REVERSE special Michael Jordan
04:17 – MJ’s earliest memories
15:48 – Its impact on sneaker culture
10:20 p.m. – The Canal + effect and George Eddy
28:57 – Jordan, icon on the field, myth off
36:36 – Our greatest personal memories of Jordan
55:38 – What is Jordan today?
01:02:34 – Other

Podcast #82: And if it was finally the year of Joel Embiid?


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