Antoine Diop visited the cameraman of LeTémoinweb

Yacine Thiam, the camera operator for the Letemoinweb site, yesterday received a visit from the Minister of the Interior, Antoine Diome, at the Principal Hospital in Dakar where she is hospitalized.

According to The Witness, it was 5:30 p.m. when the delegation of the Minister of the Interior crossed the gate of the Principal Hospital in Dakar to come and pay a courtesy visit to the cameraman of the site of our colleague Bassirou Dieng from Letemoinweb.

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The camerawoman had been hit the day before by a private vehicle following the charge of the gendarmes on the press in front of the headquarters of the Prp.

Dressed all in white, the first cop in the country is welcomed by the administrator of the Letemoinweb site, by Bamba Kassé, secretary general of Synpics, and Migui Marame Ndiaye, president of the Convention of young reporters who led him to the pavilion Vip where Yacine Thiam was hospitalized on the intervention of Minister Antoine Diome early in the morning.

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“I saw a very serene young lady. I had to see her several times in the field. I was able to measure his seriousness in the context of his work. I greet all the press through its representatives who are there, in particular the secretary general of Synpics, the president of the convention of young reporters and the administrator of the site for which Yacine Thiam works”, declared the Minister of the Interior who wished a speedy recovery to the camerawoman.

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