21-year-old badminton player killed in accident | BT Badminton

World number 90, Syabda Perkasa Belawa, has lost her life in a traffic accident at the age of just 21.

He died early Monday morning local time in his native Indonesia.

The Indonesian Badminton Association confirmed the death on Twitter.

‘We express our deepest condolences after the death of one of Indonesia’s young athletes,’ the association writes on social media.

The accident took place on the island of Java, where the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, is located. Here, Syabda Perkasa Belawa’s vehicle was supposed to have collided with a truck.

Indonesian media reports that it is an unfortunate family tragedy as Syabda Perkasa Belawa’s mother also died in the accident. Also in the vehicle were his father and older brother, who reportedly survived the accident.

According to Indonesian media, the family was on their way to the town of Sragen because Syabda Perkasa Belawa’s grandmother had died.

Syabda Perkasa Belawa reached number 88 as the highest ranking in the world in a career in which he never managed to win the big tournaments.

The highlight of his career came when he was part of the Indonesian national team last year, which won silver at the Thomas Cup, the sport’s answer to a World Cup.


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