in group A of the Ligurian promotion championship, yet another victory for Blue Ponente Basket –

With the victory in the ‘Capo Berta derby’ the positive streak of Blue Ponente Basket in group A of the Ligurian promotion championship rises to nine consecutive victories. Convincing victory in the score and in the game: after a balanced first quarter, the hosts took the lead, managing both the offensive and defensive phases in order. During the second quarter the guests switch to the defense 3-2 in an attempt to contain the Blues, who however attack the opposing area well and go into the interval leading by 12 points. In the third quarter, the players from Imperia lose their way to the basket for more than half the quarter and the Dianese take the opportunity to consolidate their lead and put the game on ice. Last quarter in balance with large rotations for everyone.

A new feature was the coaching of the youngest players: seven mini-basketball players from the rookie team were called to share the pre-match meeting and the warm-up phase with the first team, as well as the joy of the final celebrations. A way to involve the little ones, make them passionate and show them what the evolution of the sport they have started practicing will be. The initiative will be repeated, in rotation, at all the first team’s home matches.

BPB: Lo Piccolo A. 34, Genovese A. 12, Petroncari A. 11, Boretti J. 8, Olivari R. 7, Degl’Innocenti A. 6, Garibbo T. 4, Appendino L. 2, Andreini (cap.) L 1, Ognibene F., Pirosu M. – All.: Archimede E. – Ass.: Scilletta A.
BKI: Fichera A. 18, Canobbio D. 11, Peirano S. 10, Mancuso Gio. 6, Baiardo L. 4, Viale (cap.) G. 4, Mancuso Giu. 3, Giroldi T., Melodia L., Rotomondo F., Verda M. – All.: Carbonetto F. – Ass.: Pionetti D.
Referees: Russo A., Laura R.



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