Wilson Contreras establishes himself as one of the best receivers in San Luis

Willson Contreras has established himself as one of the best defensive catchers in the Majors in the last five years of action.

His ability to call pitching and at the same time serve as a true ‘general’ on the diamond is part of his 73rd position in the list of the best 100 players today for Major League Baseball (MLB).

Now, the new rules that will be implemented in 2023 in the Major Leagues do not seem to make much noise for the 30-year-old Venezuelan; on the contrary, rather it will help you get the best version of him.

Among these new regulations for pitchers, in addition to the clock that will control the time of their shipments, pitchers will only be able to have two turns to the bases; the third will be called a balk (improper movement) giving the runner an additional base.

For Contreras and for San Luis, such a rule does not cause concern. Since the 2016 season, Contreras has risen as the catcher with the most ‘surprised’ in the Majors with 25; something that could give his teammates an advantage on the mound.

“Teams will try to take advantage of those new rules and base running, so we have to be smart with our care of the men on base. Even if the runner isn’t out, we’ll keep the runners close so I don’t have my pitcher avoiding so many swings,” Contreras told MLB.com.

perfect defense

Willson Contreras needs no introduction when it comes to his offense. In seven major league seasons, he has 117 home runs.

However, for this 2023 the objective of the native of Puerto Cabello (Car) is another. His arrival at the St. Louis Cardinals and occupying the position of future HOF Yadier Molina forces him to perfect his defense, although the Missouri organization does not expect him to be the equivalent of the Puerto Rican.

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