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He soccer and sports give for everything. World stars do not escape fashion, beauty treatments that impact.

Rhinoplasties are very famous Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos and that of the Colombian cyclist, Egan Bernal.

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But there is a treatment that attracts a lot of attention and it is that of white teeth, to which several of them have undergone.

It’s a fashion

They are on the list Neymar, Roberto Firmino or Cristiano Ronaldowho underwent to improve that physical aspect of their body.

Eugenia Cervantes She is an expert on the subject, who has always wanted her patients to achieve harmony in their face.

They have improved after being treated with botox, hyaluronic acid, face lifts and surgeries. “We cannot forget that, in the lower third, the smile plays a key role. “That’s why a smile like Cristiano Ronaldo’s is very recognizable with the naked eye,” Cervantes said.

what they ask

“They tell me: I want the smile of this actor or of such a footballer, but I always tell them that it is not bad to have an aesthetic reference, however, each person has their own essence and that must also be reflected in the smile,” he commented. .
It was known that the most used treatments are veneers after wearing brackets or invisible orthodontics.

Soccer players not only look for the teeth to be aligned, but also for the soft color to stand out. Therefore, porcelain veneers are used to achieve a more attractive smile.

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