The great rise of the Czech tennis school

Tennis is one of the most global sports in the world, although it is not understood in the same way in all countries, which has caused there to be different ways of playing it and all equally correct and with a similar number of defenders. as detractors. This has meant that each place on the planet trains its players in a different way, although there have always been schools where great talents have emerged and without a doubt, taking into account how small the country is, the schools of the czech tennis have managed to get magnificent male tennis players (Ivan Lendl -who later became a US citizen-, Peter Korda o Thomas Berdych) as feminine (Martina Navratilova -who also became a US citizen-, Peter Kvitov o Karolina Pliskova).

In the circuit WTA There has been a clear dominance of Czech tennis for several years, managing season after season to have a large number of players installed in the elite both in the singles and doubles circuit. His style of play, known to all, adapts perfectly to fast courts, especially indoor ones, where flat and powerful shots together with frequent climbs into the net become the best way to compete on this surface, which is also where more tournaments are held during the year.


This great generation of players, who has also triumphed on numerous occasions in the old Fed Cup, has now been joined by a large batch of young talents, where there are also male tennis players, where they have had more problems getting good players. since Berdych hung up the racket. In the case of women, the most prominent are Fruhvirtova sisterstwo girls who are not yet of legal age, but who are already breaking precocity records, with Linda, 17, hovering around the top 50 and Brenda, 15, in the top 130 in the world and having already managed to play a Grand Slam after passing the qualifying phase of the Australian Open.

But the immense potential of Czech tennis does not only remain in these two sisters, since they are also appearing on the scene Linda Noskova y Sara Bejlek, with the first, 18 years old, also close to the top 50 and the second, 17, beginning to take important steps in professionalism. In addition to these young women, we must also mention two players who have been seriously hampered by injuries, but who could also cause people to talk in 2023, they are Marketa Vondruosovawho already knows what it is to play a Grand Slam final, and Karolina Muchovawhich has the best result in a semifinal.

On the other hand, in the case of men’s tennis, young people are also appearing to take into account and who also needed something to eat, since in recent years there has hardly been any representation of Czech tennis on the ATP circuit. However, there are several who are arriving, being Use Lehecka the most outstanding, but not the only one, since Thomas Machac, Dalibor Svrcina and the very young Jacob Mensikput this country of only 10 million inhabitants back on the map, but with an incredible tennis tradition.


In addition, it should be noted that not all this batch of players does not comply with the traditional style that has been carried out in the Czech Republic. The ones that have the most similarities with the usual game are Lehecka, the great revelation of the Australian Open, and Thomas Machac, also very offensive but who is having a little more trouble taking the final step. On the other hand, Svrcina has a game that is better suited to the clay court, with great defending ability and great drop-shot ability, albeit a weak serve that he needs to improve if he wants to establish himself in the top 100. Lastly, Mensik is a tennis player with the ability to perform well on both clay and hard courts and if he continues to work in the same way as he has up to now, it would be logical to see him soon compete week after week on the Challenger circuit.

This ability to compete well on all surfaces has also been developed by the vast majority of girls, since in recent years many minor category tournaments have been organized in the Czech Republic, also using all types of surfaces, which allows their players to be able to compete close to their homes and do it on any surface, which is always a bonus.



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