the French DJ Snake provided the pre-match show

The French DJ mixed before the launch of the Superbowl this Sunday, the most watched American football sporting event in the United States.

The consecration. DJ Snake mixed this Sunday night live from State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, an hour before the start of the Superbowl, the NFL final. An honor in itself, the Super Bowl offering an unparalleled showcase: the National Football League claims 200 million annual viewers.

This year, the big clash of the American football season on the other side of the Atlantic pits the Philadelphia Eagles against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Rihanna at halftime

DJ Snake is not the only artist to perform this Sunday evening. Four years after refusing to perform at the Super Bowl, Rihanna will finally give voice to it on Sunday in order to “represent black women” during the halftime show.

DJ Snake, during the Super Bowl 2023, February 12, 2023 in Glendale, Arizona, United States – AFP

If Rihanna’s concert, which will sign her big comeback, should be broadcast worldwide tonight, that was not the case for DJ Snake’s show. Many French viewers complained on social media about not seeing the DJ’s performance.

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