The best generation of Spanish football pays the most emotional tribute to Dr. Cota: “You were a fundamental part”

More than two decades at the helm of the medical services of the Spanish soccer team give rise to many great friendships, to gather endless anecdotes and in the case of Juan Jose Garcia Cota, to win a World Cup and two Euro Cups. By the end of the year The Spanish Federation informed Celta’s doctor from Vigo of the end of his relationship after more than twenty years accompanying the national team. An announcement that meant the goodbye of one of the few pieces that remained in La Roja from his most glorious years.

And that is why Celta, for whom he will continue working “as long as he wants”, in the words of president Carlos Mouriño, surprised him this Tuesday with a very special tribute. Without García Cota knowing anything, they sat him down in front of a camera to offer the typical statements that the club uses for content on its social networks and they showed him a video that they had been working on for some time. Almost all the members of the golden generation of Spanish football began to pass before his eyes with words full of affection and gratitude.. The list of footballers and coaches would give to make two luxury lineups. They did not want to miss this opportunity offered by Celta Andrés Iniesta, David Villa, Xavi Hernández, Iker Casillas, Fernando Torres, Thiago Alcántara, Raúl Albiol, Juan Mata, Pedro Rodríguez, Joan Capdevila, Xabi Alonso, Sergio Ramos, Jordi Alba, Pepe Reina, Sergio Busquets, César Azpilcueta, Juanfran Torres, Jesús Navas and even Iago Aspas. The coaches Vicente Del Bosque, Julen Lopetegui and Luis Enrique and his colleague in the medical department, Dr. Óscar Celada, also took part.

As the video progressed, of more than ten minutes, Doctor Cota’s eyes became more and more glassy. Impossible not to be moved when the companions of so many battles dedicated so many good words to him. “You were a fundamental part of that great group we had”Xabi Alonso told him; “everything you have done for us will not be forgotten”, says Pepe Peina; “We became world champions together”, celebrate Juanfran. Del Bosque comments on the high esteem he holds for the Celta and national team doctor: “I have an extraordinary assessment of you. You made a great dressing room.” And Luis Enrique, always with his joking tone, asks for another seafood platter: “Remember that I have a good appetite.”

For the end it was Iago Aspaswith whom he has shared every day at Celta for many years: “You helped me with the national team from day one. I will never forget the hug you gave me on my debut at Wembley when I scored the goal, it felt like you were from my family”.

At the end of the video Cota could no longer hold back the tears. After listening to all the football people, it was the turn for them to shis family to show him how proud they are of him. With the final message from his wife Patricia and his sons Álex and Juan, Dr. Cota collapsed. “This is a trap”, he concluded with a shy smile before thanking Celta for his initiative.


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