Targeting James Rodríguez? Rafa Benitez quit Real Madrid

Colombians Abroad

The Spaniard went straight to certain players, questioning their level and quality.

James Rodríguez was once again a substitute with Real Madrid.
Photo: EFE

Rafa Benítez is one of the coaches who, in James Rodríguez’s career, has generated the most controversy. They met at Real Madrid, where they did not fail to say a word to perceive that on the field, the relationship between the two was not the best.

Now, the Colombian is returning to his level, taking a few steps back in his career, to improve performance. In Greece he has found that ideal place, which, next summer, would project him to return to some higher-ranked team on the European continent.


Colombians Abroad

The Colombian, a few weeks ago, referred to his relationship with the Spanish coach. He even revealed the conversation he had with the Everton people, predicting Benítez’s failure in the British team.

Now, the one who came out to speak, not with specific names, but leaving it to interpretation, was Benítez. The Spaniard spoke with the program El Larguero, about his stage in the white house “When we arrived in Madrid, Ancelotti had just left, who had a very good relationship with the players, and it seemed that we arrived with a whip and it was not like that”.

The strategist did not give names, but affirmed that there were certain situations where many factors of the team were against him “The problem is when you have to guide seven, that some do not play, they are not happy. And they go to the media to filter, the one who is on the bench doubts and the one who is in the stands is a problem and when you take it to the media, it is something else ”.

He concluded with “There were three players, of whom I am not going to say names, who thought they were very good and who ended up leaving the club, agreeing with me”.


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