Djokovic gets ready: “I will answer all the questions”

Follow the countdown. The umpteenth Novak Djokovic awaits a response from the United States to be able to participate in the Masters 1,000 in Indian Wells and Miami. And already seen of what was experienced last season by the Serbian, which requested a special permit from the aforementioned country at the beginning of the month to be part of the final draw of the tournaments. While the decision arrives, Nole does not stop. The recent winner of the Australian Open, his 22nd Grand Slam, has been seen in recent days training in Belgrade. Last week, without going any further, as revealed by the Serbian media Sportyhe was doing it in his own facilities, in the Tennis Center Novak.

Without hiding from the fans who come to his training sessions, Djokovic accelerates to return to the tracks, with the Dubai ATP (from February 27 to March 4), where last year he lost the number one he now holds, as a possible immediate destination. Look to the present, to the future and also to the most immediate past. “I know everything, but I can’t tell you anything, I’m sorry. I decided to hold a press conference. I will answer all questions there. I have already arranged it with my PR team, the invitation will arrive in a few days”Djokovic responded to Jelena Medic, a journalist from the aforementioned outlet, after one of his recent preparation sessions.

On the table, everything that happened in Australia, where Novak triumphed, according to the tournament director himself, Craig Tiley, with a three-centimeter tear in the hamstring of his left leg. More epic for a historic Slam, the tie with Rafa Nadal, and more encouragement for those fans who doubt the veracity of the diagnosis. “I leave the doubts to those people. let them doubt Only my injuries are in question. When other players get injured, they are the victims, But when it’s me, I’m pretending. It is very interesting… I do not feel that I have to prove anything to anyone ”, he already defended himself Nole during the course of the competition.

No discomfort or bandage

To this day, as detailed by Medic, Djokovic trains without discomfort. In addition, he does it without the leg bandage that accompanied him during the Australian Open. With him, helping and directing him in the sessions, are the Serbian Davis Cup coach, also coach of TC Novak, Viktor Troicki, his physical trainer, Marko Paniki, and his physio, Claudio Cimalja, who also performs sparring duties. Combining track training with gym sessions, Nole gets ready to return to the slopes after his crowning in Oceania. This week, despite the victory of Carlos Alcaraz in Buenos Airesbegins its 377th week as number one, which allows him to tie with Stefii Graff as the longest-serving tennis players at the top. In Dubai, apparently and with doubt on the horizon for the United States, she will be back for more.


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