Said Palao was trolled with his legs in the middle of an exercise routine: “Those for when?”

The good physical condition of Said Palao, the ex-reality boy has known how to stay in shape over the years. And it is that exercise is an important part of his life, as he has shown through his social networks by sharing some of the routines that have worked perfectly for him.

Additionally, the boyfriend of Alejandra Baigorria is a judoka Although he spent almost a decade away from the sport, in 2021 he took it up again and even competed in a National Judo Championship from which he emerged victorious with a bronze medal.

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By that time, Said made it clear that he has a life outside of This is War as an industrial engineer and high-performance athlete, after enduring thousands of criticisms for his performance in the hour and a half of the program.

“Each person is a different world, and unfortunately, it is judged by an hour and a half that they see us on the screen,” he commented.

It is common for networks to ask Austin Palao’s brother for advice from the fitness world and some of the routines he recommends, and he is neither short nor lazy to create this type of content to please his followers.

However, in one of the most recent videos, he was not spared from ridicule after wearing a sports lycra that did not favor him. Although Ale Baigorria’s boyfriend constantly boasts of his legs, in that particular video they look totally different and the detail did not go unnoticed by his followers.

“And legs for when?”, “Everything is cool, but what about legs?”, “Peruvian Johnny Bravo”, “You should put more legs in it, bro so that it goes better for you”, were some of the comments that were left on middle of compliments.

It should be noted that one user in particular earned an acid response after asking him: “And the buttocks for when??? To which Said replied: “Your whole body for when? Of course, the reaction was funny to most of them, since the man did not expect that answer.



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