Colombia vs Mexico | Caribbean Series 2023: Mexico even recovers from a blackout and leaves Colombia lying with a wheelie race

Mxico had to come from behind in an incredible way, when carving his comeback from the eighth inning and even overcoming a blackout in the stadium, to beat Colombia 6-7 with a wheelie race to achieve his second victory of the Caribbean series.

The punishment started from first inning for Darel Torres, the starting pitcher, after Campero I connected a single. In the next attempt Acua got pregnant and when he was facing Daz, Campero stole home for the first race. Diaz responded with a double for Acua to score the second run.

Los Caeros responded with a Valenzuela’s double that propelled Dean and then Amador got pregnant with a double to first for Valenzuela to tie the score. On the second drop, Uriarte will give the advantage to the ninth Aztec with a home run for 3-2.

Los Vaqueros de Montera will wake up in the fifth inning, when Marriaga hit a single to drive in Acuna, then Angulo hit a home run to propel Herrera and Marriaga leaving the 6-3.

In the eighth drop, Los Caeros punished Peluffo, the reliever for the coffee growers, who received a single from Cardona and then an infield error allowed Valenzuela to safely reach second, while Cardona managed to reach anteroom.

Amador is embassy in the next pitch boosting Cardona and Valenzuela to cut distance 6-5. Before the madness on the diamond could ensue, the game was halted due to a lack of light in the stadium. Once the blackout ended, Jimnez came on for Colombia and was greeted by a single from Pia for Rodrguez to score and put the tie.

It was in the ninth inning, when the Mexican sluggers were able to recover and fill the bases against closer Marcelino, who hit Valenzuela to give the race to Ornelas and the victory to Mexico.



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