Pontevedra presents a youth mini-subscription for the remaining games of the season

Rejuvenating the atmosphere in Pasarón is one of the objectives that Pontevedra CF has set itself with the presentation this Thursday of City of Granataa promotion in the form of a subscription for the remainder of the season aimed at young people for the lower tier of preference. The prices vary between the age groups: subscribers up to 7 years old will pay five euros; those between 7 and 16 years old will pay 25 euros and the amount for those between 16 and 30 years old will be 40 euros. Children under 12 years of age may be accompanied by an adult, not necessarily a family member.

In his official presentation in Pasarón, the current general manager of the club, Marcos del Río, assured that the objective is “give voice and constant color during matches in Pasarón in an area that historically was always very powerful, but has been losing steam”. To this end, he indicated that both individuals and supporters clubs will be able to join and that the club will make their collaboration and predisposition available “to make this project something beautiful”.

However, Del Río confirmed that for now “it is a short-term measure”, but that the intention is to maintain this subscription for the next few seasons.

Meeting with the clubs

In addition to the presentation of this subscription, Del Río reported on the meeting that the club held with the supporters clubs, a total of ten between federated and non-federated, on an occasion that served to discuss things to improve. Among the most pressing issues arose the non-bonus to the clubs this year. The garnet general director argued that different prices were considered and an initial proposal was put forward in which the clubs would have a higher discount with respect to the general partner, while the individual subscription would cost a much higher amount than the current one. In this sense, he assured that it was decided to combine everything in a single price “to make it more consistent with the category that was going to be disputed”.

On the other hand, he stated that several of the supporters clubs that were going to be rewarded with the price reduction in the subscription were performing the same animation as an individual member, for which reason the club thought it convenient to equalize the amount. However, Del Río indicated that “it is not a decision in perpetuity” and that “if the supporters clubs want to reactivate, hold events, meetings, organize trips or buy tifos and flags, the club will once again collaborate financially with this discount.”

When asked about the decision to promote this type of measure with the season already in its middle, the general director of the maroon entity stated that “the sporting situation of the team it is not generating a good climate“and that” it is true that we could have done things wrong from the club, there has to be self-criticism”. In this sense, Del Río appreciated that “right now, we have a complicated panorama and we can only move forward together, that’s why we make this call“.


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