Pallacanestro Trieste tightens on the market after the termination with Gaines

TRIESTE Consensual termination of the contract. Thus ends Frank Gaines’ adventure with Pallacanestro Trieste.

The US winger is greeted with a press release that contains some statements by President Richard de Meo: «We wish Frank the best in his future sporting commitments and thank him for being part of our team. We are working together with the gm, the coach and all the technical staff to find the best solution. The dynamic that led us to terminate the contract with Gaines is certainly not the best but it is part of the game, it is not unrelated to the development and evolution process that the team is undergoing, aligning itself with new balances and objectives». In essence, Trieste has no desire to keep those who do not want to stay and is called out of the red and white project.

While the team returns to training, work is being done to identify the after-Gaines. Quick and good are always difficult to combine especially when you need to track down US players. Trieste, however, is not the only one at the moment to probe the market for foreign reinforcements in the external department. Sanders is given a permanent exit from Verona but Tezenis first wants to worry about entering and the courtship of Dotson is far from certain of being successful. On the contrary, the former NBA has characteristics that could possibly make Trieste its own temper.

With Gaines, his 13.7 points that made him the second best scorer on the team also disappear. Whoever arrives will have to find new balances in attack. But even among those who exist, there are margins to be exploited. Difficult to expect them from Bartley who is already the top scorer in the championship, scores almost 20 points in the evening and expresses himself to the maximum, nor from the Terry-Spencer combination effective from below but without perimeter attitude. If anything, Gaines’ departure could stimulate Davis (11.7 on average) who hasn’t gone into double figures on three occasions in the last five games. However, the points of the Italian players are missing. Two in particular. Luca Campogrande, who started as a small forward and was relegated in the hierarchies after impalpable trials, didn’t even score 2 points per game. In the whole championship – 19 games – he only shot from two once. And in the bombs he holds 24.3% …. Stefano Bossi did better who played half the time.

But Alessandro Lever’s points are also missing. A year ago he was a big blue interest and with a good three hand. Now he scores 4.8 points on average. The last three games in attack: comma, comma, comma in 13 minutes on average. His assessment: minus 1, zero, minus 3. We need to change course. —


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