Nagelsmann: “I have to restrain myself in certain actions”

The situation is tense at FC Bayern ahead of the top game against Union Berlin (Sunday, 5:30 p.m., LIVE! on kicker). Also because of home problems like the emotional outburst of coach Julian Nagelsmann last week, to which the head coach again commented in detail.

Tense situation in Munich: Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann.

IMAGO/Philippe Ruiz

There was a lot of discussion about the defeat at Borussia M├Ânchengladbach, 2:3. About the result, the substitution of Thomas M├╝ller and the behavior of coach Julian Nagelsmann after the game when he described the referees as a “softened pack”. It’s been a week now. Now, with some distance, the Munich head coach looked back again. “I read somewhere that what I said in the mixed zone was a conscious decision,” said Nagelsmann: “It’s complete nonsense. What I said was wrong. I didn’t get a mild sentence either . 50,000 euros net is not a mild punishment.”

The 35-year-old says that his way of expressing himself “was a mistake, I can see that”. However, when it comes to the assessment of the duel that led to Dayot Upamecano’s red card, “I still think I’m right,” emphasizes Nagelsmann, knowing full well that “it’s irrelevant. I’m still not allowed to say it.”

Nagelsmann wants to avoid his fourth yellow card

What surprised him a bit was the processing of the dismissal on the following days: “The discussion about the red card was very one-sided in all programs. It was only about what I said and not about the situation.” He probably would have liked a sportier focus. Although he should be aware that the actions of a Bayern coach are always under scrutiny.

That’s why he says: “It annoys me that it happened to me. I won’t change the fact that I’m emotional. That’s just me. I have to steer myself into other paths.” And further: “If I don’t win or feel unfairly treated, I get emotional. I have to channel that better. I have to restrain myself in certain actions. Otherwise I’ll get the fourth yellow card and be blocked. I want my three yellows Cards coming through the season.”

The formula at FC Bayern is as simple as it is complex.

Basically, this whole issue is also about the fact that the positive experience of the 1-0 win in Paris just a few days later was hardly relevant anymore. Due to own fault. And that is of course counterproductive for a club that is currently overly sensitive to the fact that there is calm. Especially when the results are wrong. The head coach knows that too. “We didn’t achieve the results we wanted in full. It’s always restless there,” says Nagelsmann: “The formula at FC Bayern is as simple as it is complex. If you win, there’s peace. If you don’t win, there’s no peace . So we should win.”


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