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Like Porto and Monaco in the past, Benfica displays impressive know-how on the transfer market. With the sale of Enzo Fernandez Chelsea for 121 million euros, the Portuguese club has confirmed its status as king of capital gains.

Benfica has been making incredible capital gains for 15 years.

There was Porto. There was Monaco. There is now Benfica. Considered one of the greatest clubs in the world in terms of its history, the SLB is constantly renewing itself, season after season. One player leaves, another comes. An eternal restart that will delight the Portuguese formation, which has in its ranks many elements likely to bring in a lot of cash. And when there is a knock on the door for one of them, the leaders do not hesitate to open it. With firmness and skill.

Two transfers in the TOP 6!

The proof with Enzo Fernandez. Barely six months after his arrival for 18 million euros, bonus included, the Argentinian midfielder has already packed his bags. To let him go, the Portuguese decision-makers did not try to discuss: it will be the release clause or nothing. Who says release clause, says payment in one go and says… small rab in the transaction to facilitate payment. With the departure of the world champion, Benfica recovered 121 million euros, rather than 120 million euros, having found common ground with Chelsea.

The sale of Albiceleste is not the biggest operation carried out by the current leader of Liga Bwin. In the summer of 2019, the Eagles bosses opted for the same strategy to let Joao Flix go against Atletico Madrid for 127.2 million euros while his release clause was set at 120 million euros. In history, only thirteen transactions have been completed for at least 100 million euros, excluding bonuses. Only seven have been negotiated for at least 120 million euros. Twice, Benfica was in the game.

Soon the billion for the TOP 25 of sales

Brilliant strokes far from being isolated. It is enough to go back to last summer to find the trace of a huge transfer involving the resident of the Estadio da Luz with Darwin Nuez, cd for 80 million euros (plus 20 million euros in possible bonuses) Liverpool. With the Blues and the Reds, Benfica had also forced the leaders of Manchester City to go cash with the transfers of Ruben Dias for 71.6 million euros in 2020 and Ederson Moraes for 40 million euros in 2017.

To get an overview, Porto’s 25 biggest transfers, between €20.5m and €50m, brought in €812.85m, for an average of €32.5m. euros per sale. For Monaco, with the 25 most prolific departures ranging between 12.5 million euros and 180 million euros, they yielded 1.037 billion euros, for an average of 41.49 million euros per transfer. Benfica? Between the two with 998.54 million euros, for an average of 39.94 million euros. And it is most certainly not over.

Benfica’s 25 biggest sales

1. Joao Flix Atletico for €127.2m in 2019 (form at the club)
2. Enzo Fernandez Chelsea for €121m in 2023 (recruited for €18m)
3. Darwin Nuez Liverpool for €80m in 2022 (recruited for €24m)
4. Ruben Dias Manchester City for €71.6m in 2020 (form at the club)
5. Ederson Moraes Manchester City for €40m in 2017 (recruited for €500k)
6. Axel Witsel at Znith for €40m in 2012 (recruited for €9m)
7. Raul Jimnez Wolverhampton for €38m in 2019 (recruited for €22m)
8. Nelson Semedo at FC Barcelona for €35.7 million in 2017 (form at the club)
9. Victor Lindelf Manchester United for €35m in 2017 (recruited for €3.06m)
10. Renato Sanches at Bayern for €35m in 2016 (form at the club)
11. Angel Di Maria at Real Madrid for €33m in 2010 (recruited for €8m)
12. Fabio Coentrao at Real Madrid for €30m in 2011 (recruited for €900k)
-. Rodrigo Valence for €30m in 2015 (recruited for €6m)
-. Gonalo Guedes at Paris SG for 30 M€ in 2017 (form at the club)
15. Nicolas Gaitan Atletico for €25m in 2016 (recruited for €8.4m)
-. Nemanja Matic Chelsea for €25m in 2014 (recruited for €5m)
-. Enzo Prez Valence for €25m in 2015 (recruited for €2.4m)
-. David Luiz Chelsea for 25 M€ in 2011 (recruited for 500 K€)
-. Lazar Markovic Liverpool for €25m in 2014 (recruited for €10m)
20. Raul de Tomas l’Espanyol for €22.5m in 2020 (signed for €20m)
21. Luka Jovic Frankfurt for €22.34m in 2019 (recruited for €6.6m)
22. Ramires Chelsea for €22m in 2010 (recruited for €7.5m)
23. Javi Garcia Manchester City for €20.2m in 2012 (recruited for €7m)
24. Andr Gomes Valence for €20m in 2015 (form at the club)
-. Simao Sabrosa Atletico for €20m in 2007 (recruited for €12.91m)

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