José Jeunechamps ready for the commando mission: “Everything remains playable, it’s up to us to do the work”

Free of any contract since his departure from Seraing, the Belgian technician bounces back to Virton, the red lantern of the Challenger Pro League.

José Jeunechamps is the new coach of Virton where he replaces Christian Bracconi. “The first contacts took place three or even four weeks ago, but Daniel Striani wanted to do everything to maintain Mr. Bracconi. And after Sunday’s defeat, he came back to me. Things then accelerated”, told us the 55-year-old Belgian technician who knows the D1B well since he worked in Mouscron last season. He will have to help the Excelsior to maintain itself. “A situation that I unfortunately know a little about and that’s why I hesitated a little before saying yes. But the desire to work again and the desire to be on the pitch were too great. I was shooting around at my house”, underlines the Sprimontois.

“We will do everything to keep Excelsior going”

“I know the club very well and I know what it represents in the region. I played against them and I had helped Michel Le Floch at the time by scouting opponents of Virton. coach in short. I also witnessed the rise of the club, the atmosphere was crazy. There is a real enthusiasm and a lot of fervor. We will do everything to keep Excelsior going. We are launching starting today a two and a half month commando operation. It’s a good mentality that will allow us to achieve this”, adds the former assistant of Antwerp and Metz who has already been able to get a little idea of ​​his new team since he has seen the Gaumais at work. recently. “On paper, we have the quality to stay in D1B, but we have to show it on the pitch now. Players need to invest more, win more duels and create more chances. This requires work and the desire to do it. We are not left behind when we look at the classification and the gap with Jong Genk, SL16 FC and Dender. With these Playoffs, everything remains playable, it’s up to us to do the work.”

“Jérémy Taravel is the ideal person”

Jeunechamps will be assisted by Jérémy Taravel. “I know him well since I had him under my orders at the Cercle and in Mouscron. He is the ideal person. He has a lot of personality and he is able to quickly master a professional nucleus.”



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