“I hope it sees the light soon”

The electoral campaign has started strong in 2023. If, upon returning from Davos, the President of the Government went to play petanque with a group of pensioners, this Friday, Pedro Sánchez, took the opportunity to play a basketball game with players in wheelchairs wheels, to demand the reform of article 49 of the Constitution. For this, he has met with players from the Wheelchair Basketball Section of the FDI Villa de Leganés Foundation and from the IMF Smart Education Getafe BSR.

The kit has also been chosen for the occasion: they all wore a number 49 on their back, in reference to this article, and in the part of the name of each player could read “persons with disabilities”, the expression with which they want to replace to the current term “diminished” in the Magna Carta.

Basketball lesson but, above all, life lesson”, wrote the President of the Government in a Twitter message. “It has been a pleasure to shoot some baskets with you”, Sánchez completed, accompanying the text with a video of the meeting.

After the game, Pedro Sánchez recorded a video with a statement in which he admitted that the administrations can “do much more to integrate the reality of disability”. Thus, he has given the sports law as an example, which he has described as “pioneering” and which he has indicated “is at the forefront in the integration of disability”.

Among the pending tasks regarding disability, the reform of article 49 of the Constitution, which the Government has proposed “in line with what the United Nations marks us.” “I want to thank the organizations for their work in making our country much more egalitarian and therefore more integrated, and secondly for this lawsuit, this fight, which I hope will soon see the light of day in the Cortes Generales”, has ended.

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