Hamilton: “Everyone copies Red Bull, we and Ferrari don’t” – Formula 1

The seven-times world champion applauded the mentality of his team, which confirmed the zero-sidepod concept on the W14


The Red Bull it closed the penultimate cycle of Formula 1 cars in style and opened the return to ground-effect cars even better. With the prospect of a streak of victories that could continue in 2023, barring important progress by Ferrari e Mercedesit is logical that the other teams have decided to host solutions already studied by Adrian Newey on their cars.

For example, Aston Martin and Haas drew inspiration from the RB18 in the rear element of the upper triangle offset downwards with respect to the forward one, while Alfa Romeo, McLaren and Williams conformed to the bellies of Milton Keynes already last season. According to Lewis Hamiltonthis convergence of philosophies was to be expected, but in his mind Mercedes will always remain faithful to its concept: “You may notice that some cars are getting close to what a Red Bull might look like. We, perhaps together with Ferrari, have never been a team that copies from others. We’ve always had our own mindset and have always been an incredibly creative and innovative team, who love to have their way. And I think it has worked in the past“.

The seven-time world champion is at Silverstone these days: on Wednesday he took part in the launch of the W14 and in the first shakedown of the new car, which went so-so according to what was leaked from the British paddock, with Mercedes experiencing some engine problems . On the normal 100 km filming day, however, Hamilton filmed regularly without experiencing any problems.



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