Damian Lillard hits the mark from midfield

If the All-Star Game has an advantage, it is in the realm of highlights. For the rest, you can ignore everything and just watch this little Top 10 video. It wasn’t crazy and really good. No what.

    • 3-pointer from LeBron James from between the line and the logo. Nothing too crazy in the middle of a match weighed down by nonchalance.
    • very pretty windmill of Jaylen Brown, masked, who may have been lucky enough to have seen the match less well than us.
    • Not disputed, Damian Lillard puts it back on the spot « Stephen Curry contre le Thunder ».
    • Nikola Jokic has nothing to do with it but still swings LeBron James into orbit: nice alley-oop.
    • Ooooh! A bit of protest, then nothing more for Lauri Markkanen who goes off to slam a good “high-low” dunk.
    • Jayson Tatum sends a ball against the board: you know the rest, and you can imagine the attitude of Nikola Jokic.
    • Dunk by Ja Morant, nothing to report, we pionce hard.
    • Failing to rub a defender, LeBron sends the kind of alley-oop difficult to slam – even without defense.
    • Shot from the middle of Damian Lillard, it pushes the spot a little each time.
    • Big 360° by Ja Morant: we would have liked to see him face Mac McClung


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