Rahm’s son practices golf with a bottle and delights the public

Rahm’s son practices golf with a bottle and delights the public

Monday, February 20, 2023, 09:14

Like his father, Kepa, Jon Rahm’s eldest son also won over the public at the Genesis Invitational, the tournament that once again elevated Barrika’s to number 1 in world golf. The little boy, accompanied by his mother, the American, Kelley Cahill, was also one of the protagonists of the championship. And not only for supporting and encouraging his ‘little girl’ to tie up the feat that he finally achieved, but also for delighting the public by practicing the sport that is giving such good returns to the Biscayan golfer.

After the tournament held in Los Angeles, the third ‘big’ that Rahm has won so far this year, the athlete’s eldest son dedicated himself to putting bottles of water in various holes encouraged by Kelley and under the watchful eye of numerous spectators, who laughed with laughter at the boy’s events and incidents and cheered him every time he hit his particular blow.

Kepa, who is about to turn 2 years old, is a nice blond boy who since he was born has had a very direct relationship with golf. Who knows if in the future he will dedicate himself to this discipline, which his father dominates so much. But what is clear is that the little boy and his brother Eneko, the youngest of the house, are a fundamental support for Rahm in all the championships. His wife is a regular in the stands.

In the press conference after the end of the competition, the man from Barrika gave an account of the importance for him that his family supports him in each tournament. His children and his wife, whom he married in December 2019 in the Basilica of Begoña, in Bilbao, help him appease the nerves that he feels like any “human” who faces a challenge of this magnitude.

“Children are a blessing in many ways and in this one too. Since I got home, Kepa, because Eneko was already fried, he jumped on me and just wanted to play. And so I spent two and a half hours until it ended up melting. In all that time I thought nothing of golf. nothing mattered This makes my life easier and what happens in the field matters a little less, it is minimized”, explained the proud aita.

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