Bayern fans say: We were beaten up by the Eintracht Hools | Sports

It was a very nasty attack from some Eintracht fans before the top game against Bayern in Munich on Saturday (1-1).

At the Köschinger Forst motorway service station on the A9, Frankfurt’s chaos attacked the Bayern fan club Winkelberg Westheim, who only wanted to take a short break there around 3.30 p.m., even breaking a member’s nose.

It is determined for attempted robbery, breach of the peace and dangerous bodily harm.

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Now the victims of the disgusting attack are speaking! A statement from the fan club available to BILD says: “Shortly after we had set up the beer table on the side of the bus facing the sidewalk, two buses with Eintracht Frankfurt supporters stopped directly in front of and behind our bus in such a way that it was not possible for us to continue would have been. The occupants of one bus, some masked, all got off and headed straight for our members.”

The video! HERE Frankfurt meets Bavaria in the heart

And then the Eintracht-Chaos attacked out of nowhere!

“The fact that at least two of our members wore south-facing sweaters and silk scarves was apparently enough for the people of Frankfurt to move the two doors of the bus along with the members,” the statement said.

Then it went on: “Although it was obvious that it couldn’t be an ultra group, after all there were also pensioners, children and women in our group, some supporters ran towards our members and tried to violently snatch all loose fan paraphernalia.”

Another member was hit in the face when the fan scarf was ripped away. Even broke another’s nose on the bus.

“Frankfurters were already trying to get on the bus at the back door, but were prevented from doing so by members on the bus kicking them. The last member remaining in front of the back door, even without any fan clothing at all, was now surrounded by Frankfurters and suddenly slapped in the face. He suffered a broken nose, was taken to the hospital and will have to undergo surgery in the coming days.”

Then the Frankfurters also tried to steal a cooler.

When the fan club members had saved themselves in the bus, the bus was briefly surrounded by the chaotic people.

Then they fled before the police arrived…


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