An alleged abuser dies after falling from a terrace in Valencia

Wednesday, February 8, 2023, 01:42

An alleged abuser died this Tuesday night when he fell from the terrace of a building when he was fleeing from the Police in the Valencian town of Alaquás. The 43-year-old man fell into the void when he tried to escape from the agents, according to police sources.

The tragic event took place around 9:30 p.m. Shortly before, a phone call alerted that a possible macho aggression was taking place on Pedro León street in the aforementioned town.

The notice mobilized several patrols of the Local Police and National Police, who quickly appeared at the scene to try to identify the alleged attacker. Seeing the agents, the man tried to escape by jumping from several terraces until his foot failed him and he fell into the void, according to the first investigations.

The woman who was in danger was the ex-partner of this man, previously known by the Police for using drugs and for an arrest for breach of precautionary measures. The corpse was transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine of Valencia to carry out the corresponding autopsy.


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