a last name, a curse and a gynecologist

The great star of the Super Bowl LVII that will be played next Sunday will not step on the grass of the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, but it will be in the stands of the Arizona Coliseum. He will do it, yes, without supporting either of the two teams and with the shirt of both, the same one that has accompanied him for years in all the stadiums in the United States. Unexpected icon of the most important match of the year who this time is not a player nor does he coach any of the teams, but who has been essential for both teams to reach the match that will decide the title. Donna Kelce Is the mother of Travis and Jason and her heart will be divided, because her children will be the first siblings to face each other in the match that attracts the most attention each season. Kelce against Kelce. The Eagles against the Chiefs. The last name of the Super Bowl.

Donna has thousands of miles of highway behind her. She was never lazy to go from one end of the country to another to see her two children live. Passion that she herself instilled in them since they were little and that has served both of them to become professionals in American football. The figure of Mama Kelce has become so famous these days in the United States that more than 100,000 fans have signed a proposal so that be chosen to kick off the match in which his two sons will face each other for the title of NFL champion. Some even wanted her to be one of the stars of the halftime show, but she prefers to stay in the shadows and live this historic day from the stands, as she usually does at every game of her children.

The problem of the most famous mother in America is that to see one of the two happy next Sunday, she will have to see how the other ends up crying. «One of us will end the day as a loser and the other as a winner.. It’s kind of surreal. The stars have aligned for this to happen, but I’m not mad about it. Realistically, I never thought it could happen until last week,” Travis reflected on the podcast he stars in alongside his brother Jason.

That of the Kelce is an unprecedented situation that they had been dreaming of since they were children. They both grew up loving American football. Burning stages together, since they are barely two years apart. Jason, the eldest, ended up being selected by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2011 draft; Travis endured another year at the University of Cincinnati before landing in the Kansas City Chiefs in 2012. Since then, their careers have not stopped growing, but always faithful to the same colors. Jason was crowned with the Eagles five years ago, just one year before Travis managed to lift the Vince Lombardi trophy. They were happy years for the Kelce family, which on Sunday in Arizona will experience a bittersweet situation for one of the two parties.

A gynecologist in the stands

«Mom is going to win and Mom is going to lose. She is always positive with everything, but this time she should focus on being there for the brother who loses”, pointed out the players, who still did not know which of the two was going to give their parents the tickets to live the match live at the stadium. “Do you give it to them or am I going to have to do it myself?” they joked.

The Kelces’ attention will be on the pitch, but also in the stands, where Travis’s wife – eight and a half months pregnant – will try to enjoy the show without any urgency. «On Sunday he will be 38 weeks old, but that will not stop him from being in the stadium. He has decided to bring his gynecologist to the game in case something happens. If she finally gives birth during the game, it will be the Kelce’s Super Bowl, “the Eagles’ man pointed out with some sarcasm these days.

With a week to go before the start of the game, the bets favor the Philadelphia franchise, which has Rocky’s curse in its favor. According to it, in each round they have passed in these playoffs someone placed a rival’s shirt on the famous statue of the most famous boxer in cinema. «Nobody put the Chiefs shirt on her, nobody touch herTravis implored on the podcast, though his brother had another theory. “I don’t think it’s a fan of the rival team who is doing this. I think he’s an Eagles fan who’s dressing Rocky in his rival’s colors and it’s working. He is working very well, so from here I ask him to continue doing it, “Jason pointed out. Two different visions that come together in the same party. The match of their lives. The fact that they would have paid to play when they were kids who enjoyed football and that will come true in a few days.



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