130 badminton players in Saint-Amand – Saint-Amand-Montrond (18200)

As far as young people are concerned, this championship was a qualifier for the regional championship. One hundred and thirty badminton players representing fifteen Cher clubs were present to compete in singles or doubles for men, women and mixed. The Badminton Club of Bourges had come in force by hiring thirty-six of its own. Seniors aged 20 to 34 will take part in the departmental championship by series in all categories in Bourges on March 4 and 5.

The Berruyers did not skimp

The Saint-Amand club, which had not organized a competition of this level since 2015, had for its part fourteen of its sixty members in the running, eight young people and six veterans. The matches were hung, often disputed in three sets.

The Berruyer club alone won nearly half of the titles at stake, ie eleven out of twenty-four. The locals managed to pocket three, thanks in particular to David Thévenet, the president of the organizing club, who won two finals, one in singles for veterans over 45 and one in mixed doubles over 35 with Anne-Laure Bornais. He could have made the pass of three with Vincent Bilbeau, if he had not failed in the semi-finals after winning the first set. The third final was won by the couple Vincent Bilbeau-Lætitia Bravo, in mixed doubles + 40 years.



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