The second official collection with the NBA! “THE ROAD TO VICTORY”, which incorporates the tension of the 90’s NBA GAME that remains in basketball history (February 7, 2023)

A collection that expresses basketball style in fashion

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The apparel brand “WIND AND SEA”, which cuts out various trend scenes and continues to make new proposals,
We will develop the second official collection with “NBA (National Basketball Association)”.
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On sale February 11, 2023 (Sat) at WINDAND SEA Nakameguro store and WIND AND SEA Osaka store. On February 12, 2023 (Sun), lottery sales will be held at the official WIND AND SEA ONLINE STORE.

Popular model emma and popular talent Ryuya Miyayo have completed a LOOK that combines basketball and street style.

In this second official collection with the NBA, we focus on the “90’s NBA game” that remains in basketball history.
The theme of the collection is “THE ROAD TO VICTORY”, which unfolded with the thoughts of people who dreamed of becoming an NBA star and an NBA player at the time. The story that unfolded and the famous teams that fought for the WORLD CHAMPION at that time, “BOSTON CELTICS”, “NEW YORK KNICKS”, “CHICAGO BULLS”, “LOS ANGELES LAKERS”, “PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS”, and “PHOENIX SUNS” are picked up. , was the design source.



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