Yonex opens new Indian factory for carbon graphite badminton rackets

Yonex India Private Limited, the Indian subsidiary of Yonex Co., Ltd., is opening a new factory in Bengaluru to begin manufacturing Indian-made full carbon graphite badminton rackets. Yonex India has been manufacturing steel and aluminum badminton rackets in Bengaluru since April 2017 and has seen consistent growth alongside the growing popularity of badminton in India. The new factory, which will start production in April, will be Yonex’s second factory in India, but of a much larger size with a factory floor of more than 8,000 square meters.

The factory will widely supply full carbon graphite rackets designed for performance-oriented badminton fans across the country. The growth of badminton in India is accelerating as top Indian shuttle players are achieving remarkable results in the global professional circuit. At the most recent Thomas Cup in 2022, also known as the World Men’s Team Championships, India’s men’s team triumphed for the first time, bringing huge attention to badminton and making the nation proud of the major title.

It is Yonex’s manufacturing philosophy to provide reliable, high-quality products that meet customer needs. This is the core of “Made by Yonex” products and the new Yonex factory will further develop local Yonex manufacturing practices with the aim of providing badminton rackets stably to the customers in India. With plans to triple the current production volume within three years, Yonex India hopes to become a reliable partner to support the growth of badminton in India.


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