Trieste makes the Triveneto derby its own. In Treviso it is +19

It is the Triveneto derby that closes a first round that sees Trieste e Treviso occupy the same position in the standings, tied on 10 points, both looking for a victory which could mean abandoning the lower areas of the standings. A challenge from many exes, in both sides. Last, only in order of time, an Adrian Banks who spent the week with beautiful words about the Trieste experience last season.

Corey Davis returns to the control room from the first minute, while Captain Lodovico Deangeli is confirmed in the starting quintet, together with Frank Bartley, AJ Pacher and Skylar Spencer. It was Lodo himself who opened the ball by breaking Adrian Banks’ goal, followed by a 4-point play by Bartley.
On +8 after only 4 minutes of play Nicola is forced to call his team on the bench. Captain Zanelli shortens the distance, but a very cold Bartley capitalizes on a splendid action from Trieste with a triple immediately followed by a tap in from Spencer. Julian maximum advantage on +11.
Two consecutive whistles send the Venetians into the line who shorten the distances by bringing the score to 23 to 17 for the guests. The rotations of coach Legovich change four fifths of the team, which plays the last minutes of the quarter with Ruzzier in control capable of suffering two fouls in a few seconds. However, Trieste does not capitalize on a couple of shots with feet on the ground and closes the first half of the game on 19 to 25.

The second ten minutes begin with a splendid defense from Trieste which exhausts the home team’s 24″ and then turns into a triple from Lever’s corner. The scoreboard scores again +11 for the red and white, but Iroegbu, on the Treviso side, does not he is there and takes charge of closing the Trieste break by scoring a 2+1 with a foul by Corey Davis. At this point Trieste already has 3 team fouls and struggles for a couple of minutes to find the way to the basket, dust then rekindled by a 3-point catch and shoot by Frank Gaines directly from a throw-in. Coach Legovich’s team tries to extend thanks to an always very concrete Spencer who scores the maximum lead on +13 with a counterattack triggered by a block by Gaines. coach Nicola to call his team back to the bench and try to put things in order. Trieste runs out of the bonus with 4 minutes on the clock and sends Treviso to the line, who comes back thanks also to a counterattack by Sokolowski. end under double figures and Treviso seems to find the right swing thanks to the incursions of Iroegbu in the area, capable of collecting a 100% from the line and bringing his team back to 30-37, again in favor of the Giuliani. What the red and whites fail to capitalize on in attack in the last phase of the second quarter, they recover with a very careful defence, which never allows the Treviso players to easily find their way to the basket. We go to the long break with two baskets of excellent workmanship from both sides of the field signed by Gaines and Sorokas, which lead the teams to the locker room on 34 to 41.

At the beginning of the third quarter Spencer reiterates that there is none under the bridge tonight by first winning two rebounds in series, then converting a tap on a penetration by Bartley. The return to the field from the changing rooms is worth a 5-0 run for Trieste which extends again with the usual Bartley. Nicola calls his players back to the bench. Attempts to react by the hosts are nipped in the bud in this phase by the red and whites who often force the Treviso players into forced solutions. In the middle of the third period, 3 fouls weighed on Davis and Bartley, which risk making the Trieste maneuver more complex, which however finds a new terminal in Ruzzier, capable of extending to +14 with a triple. The fouls risk blocking Giuliana’s defensive efficiency: the bonus runs out 3 and a half minutes from the last quarter. On the other hand, Ruzzier’s scoring vein does not seem to be affected, capable of retouching the maximum advantage (+15) with a bomb served on a silver platter by a Gaines discharge, compensated however immediately by a long shot by Jantunen. Treviso is back to -8, thanks to an inspired Iroegbu and thanks to a couple of turnovers from Trieste. Gap reported in double figures before the end of the third period from two free throws by Lever.

It’s the same Trentino who breaks the ice in the last quarter and strikes up a dialogue with baskets with Sorokas; the two with back and forth bring the score to 57-71. Nicola stops time again to talk to him. The 4/5 Italian quintet set up by coach Legovich brings Trieste’s advantage to +18, managing at the same time to put the Treviso attack in great difficulty, also burdened by the depletion of the bonus with 5′ from the end. Treviso tries to raise the pace in defense, forcing Trieste to lose two balls in a row, but still struggles to find the way to the basket, thanks also to the obsessive attention from Legovich’s boys in their own half of the field. The image of this Trieste focused on the result is the minute called by the Trieste coach with 3.9″ from the end, so as not to leave even the last possession of the match to chance, in view of a difference in baskets that could be fundamental at the end of the season Trieste closes the first round with two wins in a row in as many matches against direct opponents and does so by scoring 43 points from the bench on a night in which everyone made a huge contribution to the victory (

Treviso-Trieste, the match table


Nutribullet Treviso: Iroegbu 13, Sokolowski 15, Sorokas 22, Cooke 2, Banks 2, Zanelli 7, Jantunen 8. They: Sarto, Vettori, Jurkatamm, Faggian, Scandiuzzi, Simioni.
Trainer: Nicola
assistants: Morea, Apples

Trieste Basketball: Gaines 14, Pacher 2, Davis 2, Spencer 16, Deangeli 5, Ruzzier 12, Campogrande 0, Vildera 7, Bartley 20, Lever 10. Ne: Bossi
Trainer: Legovich.
assistants: Maffezzoli, Vicenzutto.

Partials: 7pm-10pm / 3pm-4pm / 5pm-8pm / 6pm-10pm
Progressives: 19-25 / 34-41 / 51-61 / 69-88


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