The leadership for CB Rinconada passes through Jaén

The Rinconada Badminton Club has the most anticipated match of the competition this week. In an Andalusian derby, Antonio Molina’s men have before them the opportunity to confirm that they are very serious in this competition and put land in the middle compared to second place, CB Arjonilla.

The people from Jaén already demonstrated their power in a match that was more than even at Fernando Martín, which was resolved in favor of the local team, in a great game that marked the opening day of the league. As expected, both teams are the favorites to be in the final phase of the competition, a final phase where Rinconada wants to arrive as the leader, and for this they must beat the next rival to confirm their candidacy for all this season. The Badminton Rinconada coach has analyzed the current situation in Group B and mainly his next rival, Club Badminton Arjonilla, a team against which to win, as he explained, “we must have the perfect match and also get closer to our highest excellence”.

Molina has detailed the keys to the great state of form of his next adversary, although he has underlined the willingness of his team to get something positive from the Arjonilla Municipal Pavilion. The evolution of Arjonilla Badminton with its new reinforcements has been tremendous. He has also grown in the doubles modalities, before it was already difficult to beat him, and even more so now that they are also becoming strong in the doubles. In fact, they are the top contenders for a position in play off for the title and have settled at the top of the table after the first match of the second round. We go with the intention of winning, that will be our only goal from minute 1 of the mixed doubles and until the end of the last male or female individual. We know how difficult it is to play in Arjonilla and how high we have to be, that is, to have a perfect match. That is my dream, to win and start the second round strong.“.

Until the last minute he will not decide the players that he will put in the fray, although everything seems to indicate that we will see the new addition in action and the British athletes who must meet the quota of matches to be in the Play Off. “It is necessary that we also look for the surprise, that it be a nice meeting and that we be able to carry it out. Right now they are favourites, although we do know that we can beat him. We already did it in the first lap, with a tight result. The demand is high, but our preparation is aimed at achieving victory. We have confidence in having a perfect match and for that we have to be very focused”.

The match, which will be held next Saturday at 5:00 p.m., will be broadcast on the Youtube channel of the Spanish Badminton Federation.



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