The “Abrera rocket” that Lazio polishes and Cervera wants to accelerate: this is Raúl Moro

They say that Luis de la Fuente, the current Spanish coach, changed his face when he was told about a fast, light winger that he was facing. It was Raúl Moro (Abrera, Barcelona, ​​2002). Such was his explosiveness that in the lower categories of Catalan football he was known as the “Abrera rocket”. And De la Fuente, defender of the specialists, the footballers in charge of a specific mission, decided to follow him closely. He summoned him for the sub-21 in October 2021, when the attacker, at the age of 18, began to sneak into the plans of the Lazio first team.

But after that initial explosion, its effects have faded and now he will seek the continuity he longs for in Oviedo. Oviedo and Lazio have the agreement on track and all that remains is to document a loan that will bring Moro to the Spanish Second Division in search of the role he has not had in Serie B with Ternana, where he is on loan: 306 minutes in 12 games. It is a “market opportunity”, as it is described in the blue offices, and that serves to exchange cards with Sangalli, which was not part of the coach’s plans. In fact, Cervera has given the go-ahead to the arrival of Moro, attracted by his style, just what fits the football that the coach wants to print in the second round.

“He shines in tight spaces, he has a strong change of pace in driving, but it costs him more in medium and long distances. And he associates well inside”

“His best level is on the left, although he likes to go inside. He shines in small spaces, he has a strong change of pace in driving, but it costs him more in medium and long distances. And he associates well on the inside,” he says. a scout who has followed him in recent years, before introducing a nuance: “With Cervera he has no choice but to improve defensively.”

Moro’s career has been meteoric since he left Barça to go to Rome: Lazio paid 7 million for his services. He made his debut at just 17 years old against Juve. Opposite, Cristiano Ronaldo, his idol. “The best player you can look at”, as he has stated in an interview. Although he has always been compared to Pedro Rodríguez, the Canarian winger who shone at Barça and in the national team and with whom he met at Lazio. His best season with the Lazial first team was 21/22, with Sarri on the bench. It was the course that had the most seniors. He participated in 16 games, between the League and the Europa League, to add 260 minutes.

Assaulted in Rome. His football-focused life experienced an unpleasant incident last April when the footballer and his father were robbed and assaulted in Rome. It happened when two individuals, dressed as policemen, ordered them to stop the vehicle. Once stopped, the assailants made them evacuate the car, to attack and rob them. Both Moro and his father received various blows to the face.


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