The U11 boys in great shape!

U18 Girls Region : Hagetmau 58-CTC AC2B 64

It took character to come and win in Landes, against Hagetmau who had scored an attacking card last weekend. Character, the AC2B girls had a great state of mind. Each one knew how to perfectly play its role, even the most thankless, to come to seek a collective victory. Thanks to an aggressive defense and above all a rediscovered address, the AC2B played a great basketball game!

U15 boys : CTC ABCLLA/ALPA 53-AC2B 66

The match is hotly contested, the two teams go blow for blow. We have to wait until the last minutes of the match to see the visitors take off against a solid local team. The U15 boys achieved a very good performance by winning at the Passage.

U11 G : AGS 68-BCPL 28

Faced with a team diminished by absences, the young Castelfondais managed their start to the match (16-7, 10th). The good defense of the locals makes it possible to have good counter-attack balls. When the game lends itself to it, they also manage to establish a very collective game (38-14, 20th). The second half is identical to the first. Quick game, collective, intensive defense. Congratulations on this new victory. Thanks to the two referees as well as to the Port-Sainte-Marie team, the whole match took place in a very good state of mind.



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