The 2023 Ribésalat Cup stays in Toledo after the victory of Polígono Basketball – News Toledo and Province

The Toledo club managed to beat CB Albacete in the last quarter of the match that ended 39-32. In addition, the Best Player of the Tournament is also from the locals

Final of the Ribésalat Cup / Photography: Castilla-La Mancha Basketball Federation

The Polígono Basketball Club managed to beat CB Albacete 39-32 in the 2023 Ribésalat Cup final that was held this Sunday, January 29, at the Universidad Laboral de Toledo Pavilion.

The Albaceteñas eliminated the favorite of the competition, San Antonio Cáceres, in the semifinal on the 28th, a day in which the Toledoan did the same against CEI Toledo, the other team from the city that managed to reach the final of this competition, the First National Women’s Basketball League of Castilla-La Mancha, which pits the best teams from both the region and Extremadura.

The victory of the Polígono was made to wait since it was not until the last minutes of the match when the Toledo team managed to get ahead on the scoreboard.

The grand final started with absolute equality in the first half, except for a slight advantage for the Toledo women at the start. They left at halftime with a point in their favor with a very low score (16-17).

In the second half the tone changed slightly and in the third the Albaceteñas managed to leave up to five points.

It was in the final moments of the game when the Toledo team led a 12-0 run.

The trophy thus remained in the city along with the title of Best Player of the Tournamentwith whom he became the number 9 of the Polygon, the Toledo Estrella Gericó who stands out for his individual technique and shooting ability.

Estrella Gericó, Best Player of the Tournament / Photography: Federation



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