Tatsumasa Tanaka (Saga Commercial High School) Fighting spirit for the first challenge senior international tournament “Three years of high school will run out” Portugal from January 27 | Sports | Saga Shimbun News

Portugal from January 27

Tatsumasa Tanaka, a third-year student at Saga Commercial High School, who hopes to make a leap forward at the international tournament held in Portugal.

Tatsumasa Tanaka, a third-year student at Saga Commercial High School, facing his final international competition as a high school student.

Tatsumasa Tanaka (Saga Commercial High School 3rd year) in the men’s 73 kg class will participate in the judo international tournament “Grand Prix Portugal” starting on the 27th. In his last international competition as a high school student, he said, “It’s my first senior international competition. I’ll do my best for three years in high school.”

The Japanese team was selected from the winners of the All Japan Junior Championship last September. Tanaka did not participate in the tournament, but he won the World Junior Championships in August, so he will carry the Japanese flag as a representative of the 73-kg class.

At the Kodokan Cup All Japan Weight Category Championship last October, which also served as a selection for the Japan national team at the World Championships in May this year, he was eliminated in the third round due to poor conditioning. “I wasn’t ready to win,” he said.

As a training partner for his older brother Ryoma, he had the opportunity to practice with the top Japanese and international athletes who participated in the Grand Slam Tokyo in December last year. He said, “Kumite was always able to bring it up at his own pace.” In addition, I was able to feel first-hand how top players prepare for matches and how to condition themselves.

“If I don’t win here, I can’t talk about the Grand Slam or the Olympics,” he says, not taking a step back from the senior generation. “Just like in the World Junior Championships, if I show my ability, I can win.” It has been decided that she will go on to the University of Tsukuba, the same as her older brother, and she will once again aim for the gold medal for “doing what she says” on the final stage of high school. (Ryosuke Kobe)


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