Superstar Djokovic invests millions in Viennese company – Sportmix

Money rain for a Viennese company! Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic is investing millions in a red-white-red company.

The beverage company “Waterdrop” has landed a big fish! Tennis star Novak Djokovic becomes a major investor and pumps several million euros into the company.

“Waterdrop” produces sugar-free fizzy cubes with different flavors – and wants to open up further growth markets with sports sponsorship.

The brand is currently also represented in the Ski World Cup and is, among other things, the main sponsor of speed lady Mirjam Puchner.

Now the “Djoker” is stepping in! The Serb will not only be an investor, but also a brand ambassador. According to the company, he has made a “significant seven-figure investment” in the Austrian company. “I have decided to take responsibility for my decisions as an athlete, as a public figure, but also as a father, and to no longer support bottled drinks,” said Djokovic about the million-dollar commitment.

“Waterdrop” wants to expand further and position itself in the sugar-free energy drink sector with new beverage cubes. In the 2021 financial year, the red-white-red company already had a turnover of 90 million euros.

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