Ramella, Aguada’s coach, resigned and Rabajda said: “The wave covered him”

The Argentine coach of Aguada Leandro Ramella presented this Thursday his resignation from the position despite the fact that the team leads the Uruguayan Basketball League along with Hebraica Macabi with a record of 11 wins and eight losses.

“I am quite surprised by the situation,” declared hours later the president of the club Gerardo Rabajda.

“I didn’t talk to him, Flavio (Perchman) did, it’s an atypical year, we’re in a transition year and we all know it was going to be very difficult; the public generated some anxiety in the coach, something normal because it’s a big club , there is pressure and the true capacity of people is seen under pressure, that’s where they show what they’re made of,” Rabajda told Pica la Naranja, which is broadcast by AM 970.

“He did an important job with the weapons he asked for, all the players who came were requested by him, historical players left because we gave the coach what he asked for. From that point of view we are calm,” he added, implying that It was Ramella who did not want referents such as Leandro García Morales, Federico Bavosi or Sebastián Izaguirre to continue at the club.

“If you didn’t know the club and were surprised by the pressure from the people, that’s beyond us, This is a big club, people put pressure on you, here you have to win. The reality of the club is very good. The goal was being met, but (Ramella) he never felt comfortable in the club, he never felt comfortable; I think the wave covered it. It is not easy to be a player, manager or coach at a club like Aguada. We all have pressures. We don’t know what will happen now with the ruling, let’s hope that it will be favorable beyond the fact that the sanction will come, “he said,

“He didn’t feel comfortable in defeats or enjoy victories. I don’t know if it was too big for him. Pressure in life we ​​have everything, but real pressure is the one who does not have a job and has to feed the children. If you want to be light you have to run a school. He always had support, he is a good coach, but he made that decision,” added the former goalkeeper for Peñarol and Sevilla.

Rabajda said that the next games will be directed by the technical assistant Germán Cortizas, brand new champion this year in sub 21 with Aguada, and former coach of the first team when Fernando “El Hechicero” Cabrera resigned until the arrival of Miguel Volcan, with whom Aguada won the League 2018-2019.

“Germán is going to lead because of the ability he has. After a few games, when the ruling comes, we will analyze the situation”, declared the president.

Rabajda affirmed that Aguada made a great effort this season to bring the American Sheldon Mac and confessed that the player was cut by “lack of attitude”.

Aguada was sanctioned on Wednesday for incidents against Larre Borges, in a match played on January 4, and received two court closures as a punishment. However, Rabajda said that the club will pay the fine to redeem that penalty and be able to use the home team against Urupan this Friday and against Hebraica Macabi on February 6.


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