Opinion on Oviedo and Sporting: Abelardo and the experiments

Love, like that of Piqué and Shakira, is not eternal, especially when the relationship between the Sporting coach and the Mexicans from “Winning by Serving” never, ever, never went beyond a mere contractual matter. The boss demands a play-off and the Pitu does not bite his tongue. He smells, except for a historical comeback, at the end of the cycle. But be careful with the experiments, the precipice is already three points away.

Meanwhile, 28 kilometers away, they have had to order a new consignment of cava, which should arrive through the Variation that our eyes will not see work, to celebrate yet another triumph of the “how to win without shooting on goal” method. Admiral Cervera has discovered the formula for success and, best of all, without fooling anyone: first the result, then the result, and finally the result. Although some of the OTV (Oviedín de Tola Vida) already start with the rattle of playing well and asking those who do not have minutes, read Koba. But you have to “love” them: what would the increasingly scarce “van” show be without this kind of sauce and debates like the VAR? Or not, did you hear, dude?


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