Milan, Pobega: ‘Winning a cup would help us improve our mentality’ | Other leagues Italy

The midfielder of Milan Tommaso He runs away gave an interview to Sport Mediaset on the eve of the match against Torino, his former team, in the Italian Cup:

“It has been confirmed several times by the coach, by Maldini, by the captain that we want to be competitive in every competition and the goal is to win at least one competition, bring home a cup to continue the journey and improve in mentality and approach to all the competitions we face”.

MILAN-ROME – “Rather than wondering what happened, we immediately tried to analyze it the next day, we had a video session with the coach in which we went to see what details could be improved because all in all it was a dominated game, played very well , in which maybe there was some carelessness, some small mistake that punished us and didn’t make us rejoice as could have been right for what we saw on the pitch”.

GOL – “Let’s say I’ve been missing a goal in Serie A for a long time, it was nice to do it under the Sud. It was a really nice moment to celebrate with them, then there was some regret because it didn’t help to bring home the three points though I have to keep working on this and try to improve too”.

STOCK BOMBER – “Due to my characteristics, I’m someone who always tends to accompany the action in the offensive phase. Sometimes you can get lucky, the ball can arrive right, there are a thousand variables”.


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