LIVE: Ghent is trying to do something about arrears against Antwerp | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 44′ – Yellow – Paul Nardi
  2. 35′ – Verv. Jordan Torunarigha door Bruno Godeau
  3. 10′ – Goal – Michel Ange Balikwisha (1 – 0)

Antwerp (3rd in the stand) will receive Hein Vanhaezebrouck and KAA Gent (5th) tonight. Antwerp’s last competition victory dates back to October 20. Will Vincent Janssen and co put an end to that drought? Follow the duel from 8.45 pm.

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  1. first half, minute 50 match ended
  2. first half, minute 49. Rest! Antwerp takes the break with 1-0. The opening against Ghent was strong, with a nice goal from Balikwisha as the highlight. The visitors then tried unsuccessfully to strike back. .
  3. first half, minute 47. The Great Old puts an intermediate gear with half time in sight. .
  4. first half, minute 45. Avila curls the free kick well above the crossbar. .
  5. Yellow card for Paul Nardi of KAA Gent during the first half, minute 44
  6. Mistake! Where is Nardi with his thoughts? He releases a simple ball and then slides down outside his Janssen rectangle. It costs him a yellow card. . first half, minute 43.
  7. first half, minute 42. Both teams no longer create chances. Tom Boudeweel.
  8. first half, minute 40. Sloppiness. In this phase, Antwerp is satisfied with keeping the attacks from Ghent under control. In the combination, the home team tries to get out, but too often things go wrong. .
  9. first half, minute 38. Ghent is sloppy with its corner kicks. Twice a short variant of the Buffalos ends with a sizzle. .
  10. first half, minute 35. The crazy pace of the first fifteen minutes has meanwhile dropped considerably. Interruptions are also part of that. .
  11. first half, minute 35. Replacement at KAA Gent, Bruno Godeau in, Jordan Torunarigha out
  12. first half, minute 34. It’s no use, Torunarigha can’t continue. Godeau hastily prepares for an early raid. .
  13. Torunarigha taken care of. Torunarigha seems to stumble unhappily in a sprint with Bataille. He goes off the field with a limp and that doesn’t look good. . first half, minute 32.
  14. first half, minute 29. Salah’s shot swings very far. .
  15. Head to head. Cuypers and Alderweireld hit each other in a header duel. As a precaution, the game is stopped. . first half, minute 27.
  16. first half, minute 23. Hjulsager shoots less controlled than Balikwisha, also because he is being chased more fiercely. His volley does not find the target. .
  17. first half, minute 21. It remains a very intense match. The fans of Antwerp play their part and shout hoarsely. Plenty of atmosphere at the Bosuil, and for now we get the top match that fits. .
  18. first half, minute 18. Attempt by Salah. Pacho’s poor response gives Gent possession of the ball. A vicious shot from Salah flies wide, while he still has other options. .


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