List of PBSI National Training Athletes and Trainers 2023 – Substitute Coach for Nova Widianto and Women’s Singles Following


Head of Development and Achievement Division of PP PBSI, Rionny Mainaky, when giving a statement to the media crew at Pelatnas PBSI, Cipayung, Jakarta, January 4, 2023.

BOLASPORT.COM – PP PBSI officially summoned 92 athletes to take part in the 2023 national training camp (pelatnas). This decision was based on PP PBSI Decree number SKEP/002/1.3/I/2023.

Regarding the promotion, degradation and athlete categories for the 2023 national training camp (pelatnas) which was signed directly by the General Chairperson Agung Firman Sampurna and Secretary General Moh. Fadil Imran.

Of the 92 athletes, this consisted of athletes who had joined in the previous year, plus new athletes who had passed through the national selection route and the achievement monitoring route.

Head of Development and Achievement Division of PP PBSI, Rionny Mainaky, hopes that all athletes who join the National Training Center can show maximum performance, both during practice and matches.

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“Most of the athletes who were summoned had experienced national training in the previous year. So I don’t think they have any problems. Now how to continue to improve their appearance, considering that the tournament has started normally and the competition is very tight,” said Rionny.

“For those who have just entered, they must show their best. Entering here (pelatnas) is not easy, they have worked very hard, so don’t waste it. You have to be more diligent, you have to have more will,” said Rionny as quoted by from PBSI.

Rionny also said that PBSI would begin to focus on intensive programs for those projected towards the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Qualification for the biggest sporting event will start on 1 May 2023 and end on 28 April 2024.

When asked about the athletes who were relegated, Rionny said that nothing had changed in terms of evaluation. All are in accordance with the criteria and parameters set by Pelatnas PBSI.


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