Ice hockey professional Patrick Reimer takes stock in an interview at the end of his career

Patrick Reimer has played more than 1000 games in the German Ice Hockey League. The 40-year-old is currently the longest-serving professional in the competition. After this season, the Nuremberg Ice Tigers striker will retire. In an interview with stern he takes stock.

Mr. Reimer, you are playing your 20th season in the German Ice Hockey League. They played 1054 games, scored 390 goals and provided 456 assists. How many broken bones, knocked out teeth and other injuries has it cost you?
A shoulder joint rupture, a syndesmosis ligament tear, two lateral ligament tears in the ankle. Two teeth, the stumps of which are still standing and which are now crowned.

Just two teeth in 20 years? The support staff of your team, the Nuremberg Ice Tigers, includes two dentists.
I’ve been lucky. And I’ve learned over the years to protect my body in duels. Also, hockey has changed, it’s not as rough as it was when I started my career.


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