“I miss football”: the first words of N’Diaye, the player injured by Marseille Éric Bailly

The images of his evacuation on a stretcher, as much as the violence of the fault he suffered, had marked the spirits. Two weeks after his match against Olympique de Marseille, Hyères 83 FC midfielder Moussa N’Diaye came out of silence during an interview with RMC Sport, broadcast this Saturday. The Mauritanian, still recovering, was able to talk about his relationship with Eric Bailly, whom he says he has already forgiven.

“He came to visit me in the hospital. I felt him very touched and he greatly apologized for his gesture, explained the player by message, the use of speech still being painful to him. This allowed us to discuss and since then he also regularly hears from me. […] I don’t blame him at all, because I’m sure he had no intention of hurting me. “For his bad gesture, a sole in the chest, the Marseille defender inherited a seven-game suspension.

“I understood that I could not continue”

“I remember he was reluctant to attack the ball. So I take the opportunity to speed up and I think that surprised him, rewinds N’Diaye. He therefore found himself late and committed this fault. I then feel a huge pain in my chest. I directly vomited on the ground. I understood instantly that I could not continue the match. Admitted to the Martigues hospital then transferred to the intensive care unit of the North hospital in Marseille, the environment was affected in the liver, kidneys and ribs.

If the duration of his unavailability is not yet known, it seems unlikely that the Mauritanian will be able to return to a football field in the coming weeks. A heartbreak for him, who dreamed of showing himself during this match. “It’s the hardest part for me: being away from the field without knowing when I can resume,” he admitted. I hope to come back soon because I miss football. »



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