Funding for Outdoor Fitness Projects | City of Bottrop

The State Secretary for Sport and Volunteering, Andrea Milz, today (January 24) approved the funding decisions of program call II of the “Modern Sports Facility 2022” funding program.

The funding program “Modern Sports Facility 2022” comprises a total of 300 million euros, of which 27 million euros are earmarked for program call II. This is intended to create sports facilities and exercise areas with an infrastructure that encourages movement. The focus is on infrastructure for outdoor activities – both in public space and on public and private sports facilities.

In principle, the modernization, repair, equipment and expansion of publicly accessible sports facilities, sports equipment and exercise rooms in the outdoor area are eligible for funding. The possibilities for creating outdoor sports for everyone are very extensive: The Stadtsportbund Bottrop eV has 500,000 euros in funding at its disposal to implement appropriate outdoor fitness offers in the city area.

“With the implementation of this unique program call, we are making it possible to offer sports activities in public space for everyone in a creative way. Sport not only promotes health, but is also fun and encourages socializing and communication. I look forward to the implementation of these successful projects,” said State Secretary Andrea Milz.



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