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It’s bubbling again at Bayern!

After the third 1-1 in a row against Frankfurt, the atmosphere at the record champions is tense.

No wonder! Before the World Cup, Bayern took the lead with six wins in a row and extended their lead to three points. Due to the result crisis after the break, he melted down to one point.

The video! HERE Frankfurt meets Bavaria in the heart

Bayern boss Oliver Kahn (53) raises the alarm after the game: “It is noticeable that there are two teams: the team before the World Cup and the team after the World Cup. We will now take our time to analyze why we are not getting our horsepower on the road and then how to get out of this low.”

Julian Nagelsmann (35) contradicts this publicly! The coach, when asked about Kahn’s statement: “I don’t see two different teams now. We also had the same elements in the game during the good phases as we do now.”

On another point, Nagelsmann Kahn agrees in principle. It is about a comparison with the phase of weakness that Bayern had in September (four games without a win at the time).

Kahn: “The difference to autumn is obvious. We had an incredible number of chances to score and just didn’t take them. That’s not the case now, we don’t have goal chance after goal chance. We hardly had a chance to score the second goal in the second half today.”

Comment Nagelsmann: “Of course, if you don’t have enough chances, that’s never a good thing. But I’ve tried to explain why.”

After the final whistle, Nagelsmann said that the team was currently lacking in self-confidence after the three draws: “If you don’t win, the self-confidence is not as good as if you had won. In terms of content, we have many points that we can improve and will also discuss.”

So that it doesn’t get even more unpleasant at Bayern…



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