Conor McGregor was hit by a car while riding a bicycle and said he was close to death | News from Mexico

HERMOSILLO, Mexico-. It is increasingly common for cyclists sean beaten o run over by cars while driving, and just that happened to Conor McGregorthe famous Irish mixed martial artist from the UFC.

It was the same Conor McGregor who uploaded a video to his Instagram account after the accidentin which he highlighted that his wrestling and judo skills they saved his life of said onslaught.

“Took a car hit right now from behind. Sun trap, driver couldn’t see me. Full speed straight through me. Thank God, not my time. Thank you wrestling and judo too. Be aware of landing saved my life,” McGregor wrote.

In the case of the driver who hit ‘The Notorious’, he immediately got off at assistant to the Irish fighter and offered him excuse me repeatedly. In addition, he took McGregor to his house, along with the bicycle.

The damages that Conor McGregor suffered after the bicycle accident

Hours later, Conor McGregor uploaded an image showing the damage who suffered after the accidentin which he shows a scratch not very big in the right gluteus, a minimal injury compared to those he has dealt with in his career as a fighter.

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