Against Napoli comes the fourth win in a row for Pallacanestro Trieste, now we look up

And now, after the fourth consecutive victory, we are starting to talk about the play-offs.

Not so much for the good standings, even if in reality there is a tussle of teams in a few points, but for how Pallacanestro Trieste wins matches. The growth of Spencer and Deangeli and the confirmations of the others even if Pacher still doesn’t show level performances and Campogrande who doesn’t throw her in, but the team game is there with the 20′ of wise direction by Ruzzier, but not alone. The standings therefore smile more and more and in seven days an Olimpia Milano arrives at the Dome who will have to sweat to bring home the post.

Williams first basket. Davis and Spencer turn it: 4-2 Davis from three: 7-2. Then Naples unleashes from beyond the arc with Dellosto from Trieste, with Michineau (twice), Stewart and Zerini: 13-17. In the final quarter Bartley scored with two free throws and Gaines with three: 18-19 at the first break.

At the beginning of the second quarter, two free throws by Bartley put Trieste ahead but a triple by Zanotti makes it 20-22. Napoli ahead by four points but Davis and Bartley (bomb) give Trieste the overtaking: 31-30. In the final stages, legovich’s boys make a mini draw with Spencer, Ruzzier, Vildera, Bartley (triple) and Bossi entering for 42-34 with which we go to the long interval.

In the third quarter Gevi doesn’t score for four minutes, Trieste takes advantage of Spencer, Bartley (triple), Davis, Davis (bomb) to fly by more 18: 52-34. Deangeli bags the 57-39 bomb. Some arbitration decisions far from shared by the team and the building bring the Neapolitans closer to the minus nine with Ruzzier taking control of the situation with six points in the final: 65-54 at the last break.

Gaines opens the last quarter with a bomb: 68-54. However, Napoli does not give up and with Michineau they go within eight on 69-61 at minus 6’25”. But that’s not enough, Young puts in the lead 71-67 with less than 4’05”. So shiver. Davis, however, immediately shoots from beyond the arc: 74-67. Williams drives in a free. Block by Deangeli who throws for Bartley’s basket: 76-68. Michineau makes a mistake and Spencer crushes: 78-68 with less than 2’16”. Howard gets it wrong again and Spencer shuts it down. Bossi’s triple also arrives almost on the siren for the final 85-68.

The scoreboard.



(18-19; 24-15; 23-20; 20-14)

PALLACANESTRO TRIESTE: Gaines 8, Pacher, Bossi 5, Davis 16, Spencer 16, Deangeli 5, Ruzzier 11, Campogrande, Vildera 2, Bartley 22, Lever. All. Legovich.

GEVI NAPLES BASKETBALL: Zerini 10, Howard 5, Young 4, Michineau 16, Dellosto 3, Matera ne, Davis, Uglietti 4, Williams 7, Stewart 10, Zanotti 9, Grassi ne. All. Pancotto.


Shots from 2: Trieste 19/37, Naples 16/48

3-pointers: Trieste 10/27, Naples 8/24

Free throws: Trieste 17/21, Naples 12/16

Rebounds: Trieste 45, Naples 37


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