Monegal’s criticism Divorcee punished and driver in trouble

01/30/2023 at 19:59


We haven’t talked about Tele 5 for days. Live a bitter ‘Via Crucis’. Almost nothing works for him. The cheap porridge that it has been dispensing for public consumption for more than 20 years seems to no longer be to the taste of the audience that follows it.

And to finish fixing it, little internal wars take place, between programs, like that anger and disgust that has come over the presenter Emma García (program ‘Fiesta’) because the lady aldon just got divorced Ortega Cano and the exclusive has been given by the ‘Ana Rosa’ program.

These simple gossip topics have very little analytical history, it’s true, but in this case, the session that was given to the divorced lady when she was on ‘Fiesta’ this Sunday is worth noting. They sat her in the center of the set, in a swivel chair, and everyone placed around her, including herself. Emma Garcia, they proceeded to interrogate her with iron attitude. They reproached her for being a regular collaborator on this program, for not having given them the exclusive rights to her divorce, they made her ugly for being so inconsiderate, they blamed her for not being generous with her colleagues after gossiping together for so long, and in the face of that admonition collective the recently divorced aldon he got scared and said he feared they would shoot him.

As a scenic approach it was colorful: the defendant, seated, spinning in the chair, and the rest throwing salt shot at her from the 360 ​​degrees of the circle. But even though in ‘Fiesta’ they are angry with the divorcee, and they punish her, in T-5 there is relief. At least the exclusive has been given in ‘Ana Rosa’ and the empire has not lost a piece of news of this colossal magnitude.

There is another punishment exercise that T-5 is also working on these days. Is about Gustavo, the driver of Maria Theresa Campos whom they accuse of treason. This driver has spent almost 30 years in the service of the Campos. Not only does he drive his car, it seems he is also his trusted man, a support stick in hard times.

They assure in ‘Save me’ and in the ‘Deluxe’ that this driver leaks intimate information. Even that he secretly records the entire ‘Campos Familia’. Ooh! Trust T-5 that by projecting their gossip squads on Gustavo, They will be able to unveil great enigmas. He said Agatha Christie that he hated mystery novels in which the culprit is the chauffeur. easy resource. Lack of narrative talent.


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